Our Mission

Over the years we have worked with hundreds of people at our gyms.  Our goal has always been to give them the best workout possible.  I had seen how much positive impact CrossFit had had on my life, my families life, and many others who I knew and I wanted to share it with as many people as possible. That was the reason we opened. We never sat down as an organization, however, and determined what our goal was.  What do we want our organization to stand for?  What are we trying to accomplish?  Where do we want to be in 10 years?  20 years?  It wasn't until last year that our management team sat down and discussed what we wanted to do and where we wanted to go.  I want to share with you our mission and our vision for the future.

We want to drastically improve the quality of life of our members.  But not just our current members.  Our former members.  Our future members.  People who come in contact with our members.  People who follow us on social media or our podcast.  We want to drastically improve the quality of life of as many people as we possibly can.  Our goal is a million people.  That's a lofty goal.  But that is why we exist.  We will do everything we possibly can to have a positive impact on our area of the world.  We want to help change the face of health and fitness in the south.  We want to make health and fitness a priority.  We want as many people as we can to see the benefits of living this lifestyle.  And we want to leave a lasting impact on Mississippi.  

So how are we going to do this?  What's our plan?  First we determined our core values.  We needed to figure out what we wanted to stand for.  Every single person in our organization needs to embody these core values.  We want to attract members who embody these core values.  We want to create a community of people who not only live these values out but set a positive example to others.  At our core we are humble and we are hungry.  We will always be honest, operate with integrity, be punctual, and be respectful.  We will strive to be empathetic, to be positive, to take the initiative, and to serve others.  We are not perfect but we will try to embody these values every single day and will strive to help others embody them as well.

What do we do?  We get people in the best shape of their lives, at their own pace, in a supportive community.  Let me break that down.  We get people in the best shape of their lives.  CrossFit will get you fitter than anything else.  The combination of using functional movements and relatively high intensity is potent.  Our gym is full of people doing things they have never been able to do before.  It is full of people who are fitter now than when they were young and playing sports.  No matter what your physical goal is we are completely confident that we can get your there.  That is the reason we are a CrossFit gym.  Because it works.  If there was better training program out there then we would do it.  But trust me when I say we have tried them all and nothing comes close to the power of CrossFit.  Our athletes move at their own pace.  We meet them where they are.  Every person who walks through our doors has a different background, different goals, different strengths and weaknesses.  That's why we spend time with them one on one before they ever get in the class.  That's also why we have three tracks in the class, offer personal training, offer extra strength, fitness, and competition programs, offer diet coaching, and have a highly trained professional coach at each class.  It's personal training in a group setting.  And we do it all in a supportive community.  Our gyms are full of amazing people who support each other.  They don't just work out next to each other.  They know each other's kids.  They go to each other's weddings.  They go out to eat together.  They go to men's and women's groups together.  It truly is a big family that honestly wants each other to succeed.

So how will we do this?  We have lofty goals that we aren't ashamed of, but we needed a strategy.  We decided to focus on three areas.  First, we want to offer a premier client experience.  From the program, to the facilities, to the coaching, to the supplements we offer, to the amenities and everything in between we want to be premier.  We are constantly evaluating what we do and trying to make it better.  Second, we want to be leaders in content creation and distribution.  We want to inform our members and as many others as we can.  This includes weekly articles, podcasts, social media posts, a weekly newsletter, YouTube videos, seminars, sharing quality content on social media, and many other avenues.  We want to disseminate as much quality information as we can.  Our coaches are always researching new topics, learning the newest science, and finding the best way to do things.  We don't want to hoard that information.  We want to share it. And third, we want to have a world class coaching staff.  Every coach we hire must share our core values.  We also do an enneagram personality test and spend a lot of time before hiring them to make sure that they are a perfect fit.  This also means parting ways with some coaches who don't fit.  And that is ok.  It doesn't mean they are a bad person.  It just means that they are probably a better fit somewhere else. We have also created a coaches development program for our coaches.  We want them to constantly improve.  We send them weekly videos on the program, have monthly meetings to teach them new things and keep them informed, we read books as a staff and recommend quality books that we think will help, we developed and continue to add to a coaches manual, and we send out information that we think will help them.  We also encourage them to continue to grow as coaches.  We want them to attend seminars, take online courses, and to develop themselves as professionals.  The better we can be as coaches then the better we can help our clients and others.

That is our mission.  We have a vision to have a big impact on the world and that is how we want to get there.  We are not perfect by any means and we have made many mistakes (I have made so many mistakes over the years that I have lost count) but we are always striving to be better.  My hope is that by sharing our mission that it will keep people motivated and see where we are headed.  Hopefully it will make what we do make a little more sense.  We want to help as many people as we possibly can and we will continue to follow the process each and every day to make it happen!