Our Games Prep Program is designed for people who want to compete at the highest level of CrossFit. This program is a product of years of research and experimentation from Coaches Chris and Hunter.  We believe that this program can take you as far as you want to go in the sport of fitness if you are willing to put in the work.  This is a 6 day a week program, with the work ranging from 1-2+ hours a day.  If you want to follow this program then make sure that you have the time available to commit and are dedicated to put the work in year around.



18.2 Redo OR class workout


Oly lift

Hang power snatch-heavy single

Push jerk-heavy single

Deadlift-heavy 3 rep (not max)

Gymnastics intervals

4 sets

15/12 cal row

4-8 muscle ups (alt ring and bar)

Rest 3 mins

Assault Bike intervals

10 sets for cals

30 sec on, rest 30 sec


CrossFit EMOM

20 mins

min 1-15/12 cal ski

min 2-15 wall balls (30/20)

min 3-60 double unders

min 4-16 alt db snatch (60/45)

Gymnastics intervals

3 sets

15/12 cal bike

15-20 hspu

rest 3 minutes


30 min easy recovery


Open Workout 18.3


Rowing intervals

Row 1000m

Rest 3 mins

Row 750m

Rest 2 mins

Row 500m

Rest 1 min

Row 250m

*get faster each set

Accessory work-moderate weight

Single arm db shoulder press-2x8/arm

Barbell high pull-2x8

60 walking lunges

2x1 min plank